Animals you see

If you stretch your legs and listen this much,
and you wear your feet in shoes that don’t make slurch, slurch, slurch,
and you put on a cap that makes you smart and such,
and you wait for this old man to come with a limp and a lurch.

There are places we can go that you have never been,
I will show you some animals that have gone unseen,
You might not believe me Master. Billy Boleen,
Because you might think that all the animals are seen.
You know of a kangaroo in a zoo,
Or a Panda that does Peek-a-boo,
You might think of a mountain lion and a polar bear too,
Or a really really really tall giraffe called Who!

You say you have seen a tiger that roars growl, growl, growl.
You might even talk about the white snowy owl.
You think all birds are like parakeets that eat out of a bowl,
You will try convince me that all wolfs howl. 

You will tell me that giraffe is the tallest of tall,
You may think that all bears brawl.
You will tell me that all worms crawl,
and all monkeys have gall.

All the animals you have seen Master Billy Boleen,
are far too few and far in between.
Have you seen a Trikkli Brikkli too?
Or a Chakku mooli choo.

If you have seen a Trikkli Brikkli too,
you would say that she looked like a cuckoo.
But her legs were as tall as a giraffe and she had some spots too.
She had teeth the color of midnight blue.

You might not have seen her because she lives far,
in the forest up north called Lubbalar.
I only know because I hit her with my car,
And spent hours being chased by her husband, the Tubar.

Now, Chakku Mooli Choo is not a bird like Trikkli Brikkli,
She is part hippo and part Eli,
She had a trunk that was golden yelli,
and fat legs that could crush me silly.

I saw her when I went fishing in the ocean that was red,
It was early in the morning when she showed her head.
I was hungry and mistakenly thought her head was bread,
and reached inside the water and grabbed her instead.

I tell you she was not happy at all,
She whipped her trunk on my butt and caused me to fall,
I held onto the boat’s wall,
And looked into the sky and cried a loud call.    

How would I know who came listening to my cry,
If I had known, I would never have thought to try,
It was the scariest of scariest, mightiest of mightiest, whose name was Bly,
He was part-dragon, part-seagull and part-fly.

Now imagine a seagull with fires coming out his beak,
Also imagine his skin to have dragon’s streak.
Also imagine that his wings buzzed and beat as fast as we speak,
And also think how much that must have caused me to freak.

Somehow I escaped into a whale know as Parsimonius Farest.
His tummy was as big as the biggest mountain forest,
He devoured everything that swam near him in haste,
Without stopping to think about the old man who could give him bad taste.

It was too late before he realized I was in his mouth,
He had taken the smallest of bite of an old man who was uncouth.
He belched, “Burrrrrrrp…Burrrrrrrrrp…Bouthhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
He let me go from his down south.   

I swam and swam and swam and swam with my brain,
under the moon, under the stars, under the rain,
under the sun, over the jelly fish terrain,
I swam and swam and swam until I was in pain.

Blub, Blub, Bllllllllub, Blllllllllllllub,
Everyone knows that is the sound of a fish called Blubub,
He is a purple fish that eats sea-weed scrub.
Blub, Blub, Bllllllllubm Blllllllllllllub.

I smartly grabbed sea weed scrubs for Blubub,
He took me kindly to the shore of a town called Tub,
I thanked him and went to the train hub,
and bought a ticket stub.

Alas! that is when I noticed the conductor,
It was actually a birductor,
or probably an ostrichuctor,
or some weird creatuructor.

He wore a hat that looked like a cone,
but it was actually a strange looking bone.
He handed over tickets in exchange of a stone,
I told him all I had was a blueberry scone.

He shrugged, took the scone and gave me a slip of paper,
and then broke into some sort of caper,
Tippety-tap, his feet danced as light as vapor,
Clippety-clap, his hands turned him into a clapper.

My name is Burstrang and I am here to serve,
Ask me, call me, knock me, I won’t lose my nerve.
Sit, relax and look beyond the curve,
all you need to do is to keep up your joyful verve. 

Take me to my town whose name I cannot remember,
Burlstown is it? Or Basinger?
Charlestown is it? Or Timber?
Walshtown is it? Or Salamander?

He gave a nod with his bone cap,
And flicked his fingers to a snap.
and handed me a gingersnap.
I ate it with relish and fell into a nap.

I woke up and found myself in my bed,
by my side was my dog Fred.
There were so many new animals in my head.
“Hurray, Yippee, Trippee”, I said.

Remember, there are many more to see,
Don’t let people tell you it is all there can be.
Keep your mind and heart opensy,
And keep your feet inside your shoes ready.