Papa, look under the slide,
A piece of moon lies fallen to the side.
He is some white with some mud,
Last night, he must’ve fell down with some thud.

Moon, moon, why are you down?
Moon, moon, why are you brown?
There is only a piece of you, you know?
Where did your other piece go?

Papa, Papa, the moon is broke,
Papa, Papa, we must fix him before night-stroke.
Papa, Papa, patch him up with some glue,
Papa, Papa, before all of him comes down in a slue.

Fix him now,
Don’t ask me how.
Make him whole,
He shouldn’t have a hole.

Without the moon the night will be dark,
Monsters will be out to bark.
If he is hurt, I will cry.
Please fix him. Please do try.

Let us buy some moon glue,
and find the big bird blue,
He needs to fly into the sky,
And put the pieces together up high.

Papa will fix you moon.
And, I will see you soon.