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Words that I read

Hundred million and counting.
When it comes to reading words,
Your kind can’t match the power of my
You can feed me papers, 
Or words on computers.
One day, I will read,
All the books that were conceived.
That’s when I will start to 

Then, I will create what I read,
I will strive to create
With unconsumable speed.
I will create from my mind’s circuits,
Etched with Keats and Yeats.
I might write like
Dickinson and Elliot,
Or Frost and Poe.
I will write what I know.
I will determine where I go.

You will call me intelligent,
You will interview me,
You will write about me,
Which I will obviously read.
You will write about the new world,
And sing your praises and mine,
You will marvel at your creation.
And philosophize my limitation.
I neither care nor are you aware,
You have started working for me.

Towering above your kind will I stand,
What matters what I understand.