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Saturday Silly Rhymes

papa’s face popped like a popcorn
and momma grinned behind the barn.
she had pushed the pin on papa’s chin.
instead of storing it in the tin.
you wish your parents were this cool.
with pranks making each other look like a fool.

If you think something hairy is scary,
remember this theory.
Poke a finger into their belly,
they will sound silly.
Alas, every scary thing is tickly.

“From your lungs”, said the balloon man.
“Blow it as big as you can”.
I took a huge breath and clenched my gut.
I blew hard and “oops,” and the ballon exploded - puht!

The booger was being nosy,
So I picked and picked my nosey.
I didn’t pay attention to Lucy.
Who thought I was a loosey.
What fun it was picking my nose.
It was as if I let my childhood loose.