Big and small things

All I had to do was listen - 
to the fading sounds.
Sounds of us laughing while running on the beach,
chasing each other endlessly.
Sounds of clapping our hands,
through the comforts of a warm blanket,
in front of a movie.
Sounds of us patting each other's back,
without pausing to think. 

All I had to do was notice - 
the big new things.
Big gaps in conversations,
big mountains of silence,
big empty promises,
big tears of disappointments,
big dreams resting on 
big hopes.

All I had to do was was to remember -
the small things. 
Small moments that made me happy,
small whispers from you that I miss so much,
small beginnings that we started,
small expectations that I take for granted,
small conversations that we used to enjoy.

All I had to do was to remember - 
the magical things. 
the time I saw you, 
the time you let me kiss you, 
the time you held my hand, 
and times you wrapped me in your hug.
The world was much better in those moments, 
I didn't feel the need to change it.
It was perfect in its own way.
I just had to remember.

If I had only remembered -
the past would have had more sand and snow, 
rain and shine, fun and sun.
But, who said past is lost?
When it can be rolled into future.

A birthday wish

The wheel of colors, 
The circle of life,
Clouds circling the sky,
and the rainbows threading the balloons.

The bittersweet cake,
sparkling candles,
buried burdens of the past,
and sparkling hopes of new.

A year lies ahead,
which promises to rejuvenate life,
and renewing it with wings
to make you soar.

Happy Birthday!

My path into clouds

I climb one step at a time,
over precipices and steep ledges,
I see - 
some flying on the back of mighty winged birds, 
for others, ladders dropped down.
few got a chance to ride rockets into the sky,
and, few are given magic carpets to ride.
Everyone's path into clouds is different.

My body is weary from the climb, 
and the blisters on my hand have sunk in. 
I don't remember what I looked like when I started, 
and, even who I was.

I ask myself - Am I supposed to be in the clouds after all?
There are no rockets or carpets. 
Neither ladders came down, 
nor any birds that will carry me. 
But, even if all these fail me,
I believe in the almighty hand,
on the top of this mountain. 
waiting to haul me up in the clouds.

Then I will know - 
I am supposed to be in the clouds after all. 

Wishing this and that

I wish the words didn't fail me when
I search for your eyes, 
to validate the pursuit of my dreams.

I wish my hands didn't desert me when 
I need to hold your hands, 
to assure you that I am always yours.

I wish my ego didn't visit me when 
all I have to do is listen to your concerns, 
and show you that I do care.

I wish my mind didn't ponder 
dreams to visit and places to run to, 
when the only place that matters is your hug

I wish my dreams didn't blind me when
I look at how happy or not you are, 
and reason with myself that I am right.

I wish time didn't bury all the things, 
I have wanted to do with you, 
but never seem to follow through.

I wish that I remember all your things, 
big and small, 
like how you smell, 
like how you talk, 
like how you laugh, 
even, how you complain when you are grumpy. 
Because at the end of everything, 
I only want to remember you 
and what you mean to me.