I wish I could be you,
Smiling bright across the mighty blue.
I wish I could see like you see,
Uncomplicated, simple and trouble free.
I wish I could love like you do,
No gaps and silence between us two.
I wish I could make your smile mine,
Melting hearts and healing pain.

I wish I could just become your thought,
I might be able to mend lost time and broken heart.
I wish I could see the sky like you do,
I might start remembering a lost dream or two.
I wish I am always wrapped in your hug.
I might never feel scared and be snug.

I wish I became your son,
I could swing my life away in your arms and have fun.
I wish I became your smile,
That way you would show me in style.
I wish I became your heart,
Then I would never have to worry about my part.

This I know - I will never become sad,
As long as I am your dad.I