I wish the words didn't fail me when
I search for your eyes, 
to validate the pursuit of my dreams.

I wish my hands didn't desert me when 
I need to hold your hands, 
to assure you that I am always yours.

I wish my ego didn't visit me when 
all I have to do is listen to your concerns, 
and show you that I do care.

I wish my mind didn't ponder 
dreams to visit and places to run to, 
when the only place that matters is your hug

I wish my dreams didn't blind me when
I look at how happy or not you are, 
and reason with myself that I am right.

I wish time didn't bury all the things, 
I have wanted to do with you, 
but never seem to follow through.

I wish that I remember all your things, 
big and small, 
like how you smell, 
like how you talk, 
like how you laugh, 
even, how you complain when you are grumpy. 
Because at the end of everything, 
I only want to remember you 
and what you mean to me.