Once upon a time,
two suns graced the skies.

Orim was the fiery one,
He carried a scepter of fire,
dazzled in appearance,
and commanded the skies of the east.

Faisa was the graceful one,
and she ruled with love.
She shined with light and warmth,
illuminating the skies of the west.

They started walking the skies at dawn, 
Orim heading west, while Faisa headed east.
At noon, they would meet in the middle,
and for few moments become one.

They shone together at noon,
in a light that was divinely bright, 
that was the only time,
where there was just one sun.

Then they would head back, 
lost in thoughts of one another. 
Orim would dance until the sky was ablaze with orange, 
and Faisa's dance would turn it a soothing pink. 
Under the painted skies, 
and the weight of their beloved's kiss on their lips,
they would close their eyes.

A war broke among men and, 
lands and homes burned in fire.
The ash and soot from the bellowing flames,
raged onto the western skies.

As Faisa watched in horror,
the fire reduced the land below to ashes.
When it started to climb the skies,
Faisa hid behind a cloud.
But the fire was in no mood to abate,
And it took Faisa's eyes.

Unaware of the war and loss,
Orim walked towards the zenith.
For the first time ever, 
Faisa didn't come.

With his heart heavy with fear, 
he ventured into the western skies. 
Faisa was there, hiding behind a cloud, 
weak, bruised and blind.

She told him of the war and fire,
and the cruelty of men.
She buried herself into Orim's heart,
and cried that she could never see him again.

Orim screamed from rage and cursed the men,
and vowed to protect Faisa for ever.
To this day, he walks the skies from east to west,
where, Faisa waits for him every dusk.
They hold hands and dance till they fall,
painting the skies ablaze with orange and pink.

Have I ever told you, I love you this much? 
To hold your hands and dance until we fall,
To become your eyes and narrate you stories,
To be there for you until the death of time.
If not, I am to blame. Today, I tell you -
You are my Faisa, and I will be Orim.