All I had to do was listen - 
to the fading sounds.
Sounds of us laughing while running on the beach,
chasing each other endlessly.
Sounds of clapping our hands,
through the comforts of a warm blanket,
in front of a movie.
Sounds of us patting each other's back,
without pausing to think. 

All I had to do was notice - 
the big new things.
Big gaps in conversations,
big mountains of silence,
big empty promises,
big tears of disappointments,
big dreams resting on 
big hopes.

All I had to do was was to remember -
the small things. 
Small moments that made me happy,
small whispers from you that I miss so much,
small beginnings that we started,
small expectations that I take for granted,
small conversations that we used to enjoy.

All I had to do was to remember - 
the magical things. 
the time I saw you, 
the time you let me kiss you, 
the time you held my hand, 
and times you wrapped me in your hug.
The world was much better in those moments, 
I didn't feel the need to change it.
It was perfect in its own way.
I just had to remember.

If I had only remembered -
the past would have had more sand and snow, 
rain and shine, fun and sun.
But, who said past is lost?
When it can be rolled into future.