Life's ebb,
My self-imposed web,
A frustrated stare,
and a sprint like a hare.

Missed moments in life,
Some dreams held in strife,
Your eyes lost in swirl of past,
its gleam fading at last.

Your weathered heart stared,
My eyes turned away scared.
But my heart kept looking at you,
And out from my body it flew.

It felt your heart,
Which was once its own part,
Now it stood there weak,
Without any strength to speak.

It had spoken many words,
Some loud and others unheard,
Few were swallowed by time,
others buried by my dream.

I felt void on my inside,
all my dreams pushed aside,
My heart's song was what mattered,
Without which my life shattered. 

My heart held to yours tight,
It promised it is going to be alright.
It said, You are my part.
Nothing else mattered a lot.
I came here following my heart,
and found my own missing part.