How much should I grow?
I asked the tree,
If I aspire to touch the sky.
Sky is too far away, it said,
I never try.

Why do you grow, then?
I asked the tree,
hoping to find the reason to grow.
Reason is beyond my thought, it said.
I never think.

Doesn’t it bore you, I asked.
To not think and not know.
It replied, I am only a tree. 
What do I know?

What happens when you grow?
I asked the tree.
It said, the sky is closer and
the breeze is lighter.
As I grew older, 
my dance got better, it said. 

I asked the tree, was there anytime
you wanted to touch the sky?
It said, long back, i don’t remember.
I was a plant who was young,
and knew nothing about dance.

I tried to cut through the wind,
and shoot towards the sky.
It was the time when the wind broke my back,
and taught me to dance.
The more I danced with the wind,
the sky left my mind.