When I walked the road
that seemed to lead nowhere,
a feeling sank in my heart,
and cried out to me loud.

I embrace death it said,
rather than the false hope of this path.
I choose to sink it said,
rather than float in dreams.

The path leads us nowhere, it said.
walking on it is futile.
It said, let us sink together,
for, it is when we go on the other side.
There might be another path,
that leads us to where our dreams are.

The feeling took me over,
I looked at the path in despair,
and turned back to look at my footsteps,
which seemed to lead back to horizon.

I had walked thousands of steps in hope,
without pausing to think.
The path had never announced itself,
I didn’t know what made me choose it.

I distinctly remember the day I choose this road,
I had heard a voice full of hope, 
inviting me to talk a stroll.
I took a break from the road I travelled,
to take a stroll on this road.

It was probably the far cry of a phoenix,
that was getting ready to seek the sun.
or It was just probably a cry from within,
that wanted to seek a dream.
I decided to stick with this road, 
I turned my accidental stroll into a journey.

As I look back at my journey,
all I see are footsteps that could very well
lead me back to beginning of time.
The road that won me over,
still lays before me mysteriously,
probably leading to nowhere.

That was a moment where I could respond,
to the sinking feeling in my heart.
I could choose to sink with it,
in the hope of liberating me from the journey.

But, after thousands of steps filled with hope,
the road finally spoke to me.
It said, don’t give up but I lead nowhere.
It is nowhere anyone dares to go.
It is nowhere anyone cares to dream.
It is nowhere anyone tries to walk.
It is the nowhere that is right around the bend.