You cannot, he said. I can, I said. We both were wrong.

When life is being life, I am being me.

When I was walking in the woods, I met life who asked me if I wanted to learn dueling. She punched me on the face and said, punch me back. I punched her back. She screamed not in pain, but in frustration and said, “Not by hand, you moron. By your smile”.

I was told that freedom is great. The only time I met it was when I tried to wrest it out of life. I almost had it.

When the sun came down, I asked him if he can take me up in the sky. He told me that it was lonely up there. I insisted and he took me up with him. Before, I saw the world completely from up there, he dropped me down on the other side of the world.

I saw a man through a red glass and he looked red. When I put on green glass, he was green. Then, I took my glass off and he had vanished.

My biggest asset seems to be that I have no clue most of the time. Hence, life does not bother embarrassing me as she yet does not understand what I know. I am afraid of the day when I start understanding things.

There is something amazing about the circle. Sun and moon are circles. Life runs in circles. Every important trajectory I came across is in someway a circle. Even when scrubbing vessels, I noticed that scrubbing in circles cleans better.

I can watch the Sun only when he is starting his work or finishing it. When he is brightest and highest, it scares me to even consider looking at him. I just let him do his work in peace.

I feel that doing work and getting discovered for it are too much of a burden for any one soul to bear. It is better to choose one over another.

I took break from work for seven days and nights and prayed to life to grant me riches. When I finally had to bid farewell to life, it said, I was almost there and seven more days of work would have made be as rich as I wanted to be.

You can wear all the costumes you want and dance before the stars. The stars neither care for your dance and nor your costume.

It intrigues me that everybody loves to dance when they think nobody is watching them.

Several times, I said to my master, “I am not your slave. I am going to cross the river and get away from you”. She smiled and let me go. But, every time I tried to cross the river, the river seemed to get wider and wider. And every time, my master sent a boat that picked me from right in the middle of the river and brought me back to her.