A thought came to me. It asked me to let go of it. I told it to go. It did not go. It still asked me to let it go. I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck in a deadlock. The thought did not know how to go and I did not know to let it go. We both hoped that one day we would figure out how to liberate the thought. The thought was being held captive in my head. But, it didn’t want to be there and was causing me a lot of distress. It knocked the walls of my head to find a crack through which it can slip. But, my head was full of memories, so tightly packed that, the thought started choking. The memories consumed it after a while, and made it one of their own. Now, I don’t hear the desperate call for the help by the free thought anymore. I am glad not to tormented by its lament for freedom. But, I do hear whispers deep inside my head from voices that were once loud.