What if we don't try to sell? What if every interaction we have with someone, our interest is to create value but not push our agenda?

It's hard. There is always something we need. People using our product or service, doing us favors, a job, a vote of approval, money, a break, etc. If every party involved is trying to push their agenda, it makes for an exhausting and rather useless interaction.

I get emails from random people telling me how their service will solve a problem they perceive I have. I respond to them once in a while telling them that is not a problem, but they are not listening. 

If we don't try to sell, we can listen better. Maybe, there is something we can do to truly create value for someone. It is also possible that where we create value is somewhere other than what we are trying to sell. But, that chance is lost when we are focussed on pushing our agenda.