What do you understand best? What is intuitive to you where on top of the skills you acquired, your intuition and curiosity always kicks in? What is that one thing where your insights are always cherished because they bring something unique every time?

What is the thing that pulls you in like gravity? What do you fall into naturally? How deep have you fallen? What is the one thing that you will do if all the burdens and responsibilities of life are off your shoulders?

Where is your depth? Have you meditated on finding what it is, if you don't know it already? That, I believe is what the world needs from you.

You can call it passion or natural pull. It is the place where we find ourselves most of the time when our mind is at its extreme, calm or hyperactive.

Your depth will take you into realms unexplored. Whether it is about a topic, subject, process or idea, because your heart yearns for depth, you will go to charters that others cannot. Your passion is the right to passage.

There should be something that you care about. What is that? What can you do to make your life that something? Can you make that plan?

The world will be better that way.