1. Flat. Small teams of cohorts around a mission.
  2. Titles are tied to functions and not status. Doer, Team Lead, Builder, Tester, Programmer, etc. 
  3. Decision making is federated and consensus driven (think Paxos in computer science, if you know that).
  4. Responsibility before authority
  5. Open culture. Data is shared about customers, about problems, about performance, about salary, etc.
  6. Everyone is a leader or a potential leader.
  7. There are no specialists. Only problem solvers.
  8. People don't work for bonuses or payouts. There are way too many options to make money.
  9. Artificial pressures won't work. Passion and ownership trumps authority.
  10. More beneficial to collaborate than compete.
  11. No need to stay within any walls. Literally and metaphorically.
  12. No unproductive meetings. Small cohort stays focussed on the problem and always collaborating.
  13. The barrier to building tools to get a job done more efficiently is low.
  14. People will not be dependent on managers to solve their problems or approve a request for tools or software.
  15. There will be no managers. Only leaders.
  16. Companies that intersect where technology is heading will be relevant. Others not so.