Here are some more ideas on how LinkedIn should evolve. This probably is true for any platform that attempts to create value by bringing people together.

  • First metric that needs to be extracted is a first order mapping on what people are thinking when they are using the platform and how that translates to a series of actions. I am not talking about product personas, but a series of intents for those personas and how they go about achieving those intents with or without the aid of the platform.
  • Time to achieve my intent. The only way to get here is to narrow the focus and create an ideal experience for one user. When you have millions of users, finding that one ideal user is hard. How do you even find that person, whose experience if done right will change the story of the entire platform? But these people exist. AirBnB did an interesting thing when they asked what is the next version of their platform. They looked at Hollywood movies and tried to recreate an experience similar to what we see in movies for one of their users. Who is that user? Even if that matters very little, what is that ideal movie like experience. An ideal movie experience for linkedIn might be one of the following or something else.
    • I want to lead an entrepreneur through an entire experience of connecting with people, interviewing and raising capital.
    • I want to connect a community builder organically around finding the right people to network and building a community that truly cares about a cause.
    • I want to empower an inventor with the right resources and people to connect to, and provide tools to ship the invention.
    • I want to empower an employee to grow in her career by providing a curated learning opportunity that is customized and personal.
  • Creating custom dream like experiences take a narrow focus. From a wide (lets focus on our millions of users) perspective, we need to narrow this to one user and work with them for weeks to find the ideal dreamlike experience, and then widen the focus to identify things that we can do for everyone.

What is this dream experience for a LinkedIn user? It is a platform that can truly empower today's workforce and create tomorrow's workplace, which is going to be vastly different than what we know today.

I cannot think of a more relevant platform today that is doing a lot of irrelevant things without focussing on how tomorrow's workplace will look like. I really wish they dig deep and reinvent. We care about this and that is why we show up here everyday. Me, and millions others.

Please pick yourself up.