A random assortment of things, mostly values, to teach our kids.

  1. Choose kindness over being right
  2. Be happy for others' lives
  3. Winning is not everything
  4. Only thing to be afraid of is fear
  5. Shut that authority in your head
  6. Strive to get better everyday
  7. What you know eventually does not matter. What you are able to learn matters.
  8. Don't work for grades or praises.
  9. Find the most original way to solve a problem.
  10. Don't interrupt. 
  11. What the other person feels is real.
  12. You cannot always help. 
  13. But you should always try to help.
  14. Everyone is like you. They want more or less similar things.
  15. Teach what you learn. 
  16. Learn what you cannot teach.
  17. Don't give up. 
  18. Learn to rest and slow down.
  19. Sleep heals a lot of things. Even a heavy heart.
  20. There is magic in the world. Don't believe who say otherwise.
  21. What you see is not the only truth.
  22. Aspire to be you.
  23. Your work should be an expression of who you are.
  24. Never work for salary.
  25. Choose your friends wisely. 
  26. It is not important to be a social butterfly.
  27. Stand up to bullies.
  28. Don't be a bully.
  29. You will never run out of worlds to explore.
  30. Boredom is overrated.
  31. Humility is underrated.
  32. Happiness is a choice.
  33. Everything always turns out OK.