Who are you? Are you a creator of content, consumer, or a spreader. All three always? Do you switch roles time to time?

But are you honest being who you are? Creators need to create something that does not push an agenda of self-interest. They need to truly create content because they believe what they are creating makes the world a better place.

When you are consuming content, are you also actively spreading content that is worth spreading? Are you switching roles to support a worthy artist? Are you spreading stuff that think make the world a better place? Consumers are also curators for better information and they should actively spread good ideas that they encounter.

In every place, we have a gap. Good artists go unnoticed because someone does not take the extra step to switch roles from a consumer to a spreader.

In the same note, if we as consumers, are not serious in our jobs as curators, we will easily miss seeing the aggrandizing agenda of someone. It is a serious job.

This probably is a rant. Maybe because I see there are too many artists in the world who are toiling away without a break. Maybe because there are too many stories that go unshared and the one that is being shared is not worth sharing. I don't know. But, I do know that this is a problem we should definitely think about.