If you have stayed at 'one type of job' for the last five years, I don't want to hire you. I am not advocating that you change companies but you should have failed in your current company, a lot. And, you got better with every failure.

Yes, you are exceptional at what you do. You are a specialist. Yes, there is a role for you in a company that is happy maintaining status quo. A company that will fast become irrelevant because what worked 10 years back will not work in 2 years. You are a specialist there. So what?

What have you learned in your current job? How have you attempted to keep up with the changing world? How have you led from inside? How have you rallied troops to experiment, change the system, and fail? How have you constantly innovated? Tell me those.

The is a world of builders and creators. Technology is a commodity. You either create technology or leverage it to solve real problems, and help the world become a bit better than what it was yesterday. If you are not doing it, you are just sitting there, like a parked domain, waiting to be bought because you have a cool resume.