We all hate Ads on a webpage. Right?

The problem is not so much the ads but how it comes in the way of consuming information. I don't mind the ads living in the corner, letting me do my job but they just don't. They are like a toddler, incessantly demanding my attention.

Ad blockers really don't help because for one, they only address the symptom but most websites are designed to optimize ad revenue and not really information consumption.

I have been dabbling a project in my head for a long time. What if the internet redesigns itself to serve the users rather than advertisers? It should be possible either via AI powered tools that are optimized not for ad impressions, but for user frustration. My multiple clicks to get somewhere after a search engine brought me to a website and endless navigation followed by a drop off is pretty close to me yelling in frustration. So, why not optimize for that.

Here is another idea. We can redesign the internet one page at a time. We can condense a webpage to its core essence and log that information somewhere. Much like Wikipedia, but for all websites. 

Internet badly needs an overhaul. It's riddled with noise, click baits, incessant ads that get in the way. I just need the content that's all. I am willing to pay for such an internet. Maybe that's where a possible innovation can happen. A gateway of some sort where I pay for clean internet.