I come from a culture where there are a lot of rituals. I have grown up admiring few, hating few, questioning few and complying with few. I always wondered why my family went through these rituals when they logically didn't make sense. And, there were numerous times where these rituals were frustrating.

It took me a while to get it. I know why they are important.

Rituals give you a trigger to do something. And, they are tangible. It is easy to attach a thought or a habit to the act of a ritual. They don't have to logically make sense. It does not matter what your ritual is but what matters is the trigger it generates. 

In that context, rituals are powerful. You can essentially create a ritual to drive a habit or a behavior. They work splendidly for that.

Usually once a few months in my news feed, I see articles about 'morning rituals' of successful people. People obsess over what there rituals are versus why they are important. Honestly, I feel it does not matter what your ritual is. You can use any action as a trigger to energize your body. You do it consistently, every day, it becomes a ritual.

Do you have a ritual? Leave a comment.