Assortment of things about mentorship.

  1. Mentorship can come from anywhere. You just need to be open to receive it. 
  2. Mentorship can come in any form. Feedback, advise, help, healthy criticism, opportunity to fail, learn and succeed, etc.
  3. Common mentorship models advice finding a mentor for an area and working with them. And, having different mentors for different areas in your life. That is not the only way. 
  4. On the contrary, you don't need dedicated mentors. You just need enough people taking interest in what you are doing and wanting you to succeed.
  5. Getting people who invest in you is a reflection of your good karma. If you care enough about the world around you, the world will inevitably start caring about you.
  6. When someone is giving an advice, remember that they are doing it because they care about you. There is too much going on in this world and in people's lives that they can easily choose to do something else. Respect the intention.
  7. Openness to receive advice and ego are not good friends. They usually cannot live together.
  8. Every person has something to offer, a thought they have synthesized into a perspective, a skill that they have honed or an insight they have garnered. It can come from any interaction not just dedicated mentor sessions.
  9. Asking someone to be a mentor is usually pointless unless your requests are tangible and time-bound.