I am working with my son these days on 'choosing kindness over being right.' In some places, it is obvious and he sees it, and it is easy for me to work with him. In some places, it is extremely hard because his sense of righteousness kicks in. It is an area I have to walk very carefully to balance between his sense of being morally right and choosing kindness. 

I see this in workplace as well. Businesses are optimized for results and kindness becomes a nebulous grey area that leaders have to tread carefully. This can be related to culture, bad performers, management, etc. While there is no template here, the general framework becomes, how can you continue delivering results for the company while being kind and empathetic to people's lives.

It is important to constantly probe ourselves in this area. Kindness and empathy leads to a stellar culture, which truly can become a unfair competitive advantage for every company.