What matters to us is important.

It will be reflected in the work we do, the books we read, the friends we make, and the things we touch.

What matters to us is important because it controls what we put in our head and what we put in the world around us. 

But, how often do we think about it? In a culture where attention is quickly becoming a currency that is scarce, how often are we able to divert our attention to understanding what is truly important to us rather than responding to every stimulus that comes our way? The constant beeps of a phone, the unanswered emails sitting in an inbox, endless tweets and posts are always fighting for our attention.

And, they get our attention. Not because they deserve to, but because we think they do. 

What matters to us is important. But we will never to get to the truly important things if we don't change the status quo on who gets our attention.