Have you read Seth Godin's poke the box? If you have not, you should.

The premise is simple. Take initiative. Start shipping. And, poke the box. Because when poke it, the box will poke you back. What is a box? Everything that is in front of you. 

One thing that Seth implies but does not explore is how do you poke the box faster. You have a voice. You are an initiator. You start things. You ship them. You challenge status quo. You are a unicorn in a balloon factory.

You need tools. Seth argues that by poking enough times, you will know what works and what does not which has an underlying implication on the tools that you will build along the way that helps you poke the box faster.

The tools can be craft, community, processes, data, etc. You need to be aware of what your tools are? And, the initial set of tools can play to your strengths until you find the next set.

Poke the box, but pay attention to how efficiently you can poke it. Pay attention to the tools you are using to change the world. Because, some tools will work great for you, others won't.