Do you often wonder about the beginnings of people who are successful today? If you research them, you will see that like everyone, they were unsure when they began, and just figured it out along the way. It took long time, but they did not give up. 

I did a simple exercise. I picked few people I am inspired by and dug through the internet archives to see how their websites evolved. After all, personal websites are the window (albeit, an incomplete one) to your efforts in carving a name for yourself. No?

Tony Robbins (1996 - Present)



Tony's website was modest, but his confidence in himself was not.

This is how his website evolved over the years on the way to what we know today.

Brain Pickings (2008 - Present)

Maria Popova's Brain Pickings, is one of the best websites on reading, books, lifestyle.



A simple blog, but the spirit was the same

Over the years, this is her website's evolution.

Wait but Why (2013 - Present)

(Follow the change in tag line, it tells an interesting story in itself)



A tagline that is earnest

It took him few years to find his voice and be sure of where he is heading. But, he never gave up.


My point is this -

When you start, you will be unsure. You need to experiment like crazy. The only thing to be consistent in is continue experimenting, failing, getting up, dusting yourself and moving on. Don't settle for anything less than what your heart tells you you are capable of. And, your heart knows it best. Keep listening to the voice. Keep going. You will know your story later.