If you need reasons to ship, here are ten.

1. We are never going to absolutely get it right.

2. If we are iterating, which we should anyway, let us do it on concrete feedback from customers who you have built the product for.

3. Shipping a product puts the focus on a bigger objective, which is to understand if our product hypothesis is right.

4. Shipping is hard. It lets us get to the hard part faster.

5. If our product is going to fail, we should let it fail faster.

6. Building a product is only step1. Shipping a product allows us to go to step 2 and forward.

7. Our product has to grow up. Like our kids do. They need to get out of the comfort of our home and face the real world.

8. Shipping crap still (in a weird way) provides valuable lessons than not shipping.

9. There are two types of products, the most beautiful product that the world could ever have sometime, or an useful product that people can have today. Our useful product can be simple and beautiful.

10. Technology changes by the day. People’s problems change by the day. So, let’s ship what we have today.

So, what are you waiting for? Ship it.