Occasionally you have to make product decisions that offer intangible values. Creating customer joy, surprises and Easter eggs, offering pleasant experiences and memorable journeys, are few of those.

Your product has to break the script time to time. Every time you break the script, you have a chance to create a memorable experience. This takes a lot of work. Using data to identify opportunities to break the script, is not something a lot of companies want to spend time on, because it does not offer tangible value. When I can use data to figure out where to best place my ad, why would I randomly provide an experience of an ad-free page? 

Intangibles are the reason people fall in love with a product. The fact that the product not just does what they expect of it but also does something surprising and personal creates a great feeling, which can be sticky. 

We are all used to stereotyping things, and a product that cannot break stereotypes from time to time is hard to fall in love with.