Why do we keep using that product if it is so terrible? Is it only because the marginal value it offers to us is far greater than our frustration? 

Here is a thought for you to consider. If you stopped using the product altogether and started building something you want, how long will it take? 

What are the other alternatives to accomplishing what you want without having to use this mediocre product that frustrates you every single time you interact with it.

The problem is when we get desensitized to mediocrity in any form. We live in a world of options. Technology is commoditized to a level that building something is not only possible, but easy. 

If a product hurts you, don’t use it for the marginal value it provides. Find other options or better build it.  Once you do that share it with the world. Because, I guarantee you, the frustration you are feeling is not yours alone.