When something bothers you, how often do you look away? How often do you think it is just the way the world works? And, did you feel the same way few months or years back? 

The problem is that we get desensitized to things and stop feeling empathy. In psychology, systematic desensitization is a technique used to help people deal with phobias. One of the techniques is gradual exposure and tweaking people’s response to that stimuli.

When we encounter something, our response to it determines our sensitivity. We can tell ourselves ‘just the way the world works’ and we make a ruckus about it. We create art. We build stuff. We shout from the rooftops. Whatever we have to do to have our voices heard.

Desensitizing ourselves is easy. Showing passion and empathy is hard, because it has consequences that you don’t want to deal with. But you need to remember that the consequences are huge for the society because you like many others, decided to look away.