There are problems and spirals of people everywhere.

On the outer ring are people who are content to talk about problems with our world. They are forever there, talking, providing opinions and not taking any action.

Few from the outer ring manage to find themselves in the next level because they start questioning. They attempt to understand why such a problem exists and what can be done about it. But like their predecessors, they seldom take action.

Then the next few inner rings are filled with people who attempt to make varying lifestyle choices to address the problem they see. They can tell themselves and others that they are doing something about the problem. 

The deepest rings are where the real change agents are found. They dedicate their lives to rid the world of the problem, which they see as cancer. They build communities, take actions, make mistakes, lend their voice, and help in their own unique way.

If you are a change agent, that is where you will find your tribe. If you are building a product that will change the world, that is where you will find your evangelists. But beware, that inner ring is no place for being fake and selfish, because the tribe will kick you out. 

If you feel deeply about something, just remember that there is a tribe that is quietly or otherwise chipping away at the problem and you can join them.