If you are a platform what will you be good at? I am not talking about your product, but you as a person.

Great platforms do one thing efficiently over and over again. And, it helps at times to think about ourselves that way.

For example, consider these companies -

Google is good at launching cloud services.

Apple is good manufacturing consumer products at scale.

Amazon is good at spawning new businesses generating revenue.

Whatsapp is good at enabling communities to have conversations.

See my point?

If you were a platform what would be you good at? You need to have this story figured out. And, the more specific you get, the better it gets for you.

For instance, it can be one of these.

I am good at taking teams that are tired and turning them around.

I am good at building products that people love using.

I am good at growing communities around new products.

I am good at finding information that is hard to find.

I am good at explaining complex concepts to children

I am good at telling stories from data.

Thinking like will let you find a version of product-market fit for yourself and lets you focus on directing your energies on things you can do to leave your footprint on the world.