Narratives of 5500 talks, over 45 days of listening/viewing time, open sourced.

An organization that has inspired me to great levels is TED. Chris Anderson has created a platform for story telling that now has a life of its own. It has spanned new boundaries and given birth to communities rallying around a shared vision of a better world. Thanks Chris.

At over 5500 talks, it is not pragmatic even for the most enthusiastic followers to check it out. Also, discovering relevant content from A/V is much harder because the penetration of letters and words in human lives in various touch points is unmatched yet. We understand what to do with text fairly well today and I feel the implications in making stories accessible in the form of text narratives will be tremendous. And, TED is a great place to start.

I have struggled with a fundamental question for which I don’t know the answer. Am I able to open source something which fundamentally is part of the open web, but the content is produced by an organization? I am erring on the side of making this available because this aligns with TED’s philosophy of sharing these stories far and wide and impacting change. I am hoping that this data is used to tell stories about stories in addition to getting these stories to everyone on the planet in the forms and mediums that they are able to digest.

So, here is the first set (almost all TED talks, for which I could extract the narratives). More to follow.