Pursuit of growth makes you vulnerable. It is comfortable to stay where we are, do what we are doing.

Do you know the story of the hermit crab? Hermit crabs have a soft abdomen and they need a shell for protection. The crab looks for discarded shells from marine snails and other crabs to live in. It picks a shell that is its size and the shell offers protection from predators. Once the crab picks a shell that is suitable, it modifies the shell and makes it home. This is when the crab is safest.

But, the crab grows. It does not have a choice. Eventually, the shell it has made its home starts becoming really uncomfortable. And, it discards it and starts a journey to find a bigger and more suitable shell to call home. This is the time when the hermit crab is most vulnerable. A predator can eat it. It might not find food to sustain. It might not have the right moisture levels to keep it from drying. And not to mention, the stiff competition from other hermit crabs its size.

Pursuit of growth makes us vulnerable. And, like the hermit crabs we expose ourselves to ridicule and potential failure. But, not growing is dying. Next time when you are making a choice between uncomfortable mediocrity and inspiring growth, remember to think of the millions of hermit crabs living among us, who inspire to grow despite the dangers and uncertainties.