That's the order. Always. Customer, Company and I. Every employee needs to think that. There are no averages. There are no majorities.

But, there are averages. There are majorities. Let's talk about them for a second. When the majority of employees put 'I' first, the culture is plagued by bureaucracy and politics. It is hard to get any work done. Knowledge does not get shared the way it should be. The company operates at super low efficiencies. People worry about their role and charters more than they should worry about their customers.

When the majority of employees put company first and not the customer, they are being loyal to their bosses and their bosses. They don't question authority and are happy with status quo. They are content with the brand and the swags but are not hurting around customer pain. They love talking about the company, but hardly understand the customer.

There is no other way. When the majority of employees think about customers first, they are staying real. They feel the pain that the customers go through. They become the customers. This inspires innovation. There is no room for politics. Mediocrity cannot survive in a customer focussed environment. Knowledge sharing becomes primary. People are unified by a shared goal. Teams operate at an incredible velocity.

It is the customer who inspired our story after all. It should be them who serve first. Not any one else.

So, the order is this -- Customer, Company and I.