What is that one magical thing you do everyday? The one thing that makes you go to a state filled with hope and joy. The thing that energizes you and fills your heart with wonder and excitement? I call it an inner sanctuary. Do you have an inner sanctuary you go to everyday?

Inner sanctuary is yours and yours only. It is personal. It is where you connect with yourself as a person. It is where you charge your brain and nourish your soul. It can be as little as five minutes. Your inner sanctuary will lets you connect with yourself as a person, remain positive and joyful.

What is your inner sanctuary?

Some of my friends run. Some paint. Some write. Everyday. Their lives are busy and chaotic, but they unplug for few minutes to make time for visiting their inner sanctuary. They are among the most positive people I know.

Positivity is what makes us believe. It is what makes us see the silver lining in everything and when we do that, we also fill the world around us with optimism and hope. It makes us happy. It makes the world around us happy.

Whatever we are optimizing our lives for, we could all use more happiness. So, what is your inner sanctuary.