We all need to be champions of knowledge, not the gatekeepers of it. Whatever we know, we need to share. If someone asks us the second time, we need to liberate ourselves from holding the keys to it but document it someway (docs, slides, videos, audio, wiki) and provide a map for the other questers of the same information.

It does not matter what kind of knowledge it is - processes, design, code, product, or sales. It only matters that people looking for that can find it. Though we, as creators of knowledge, take a backseat, it is important to annotate the document with a 'created by' so that people can find us with more questions, which in turn can be added to the documentation.

This is very basic. But, it is also something we all forget to do. But in a shared environment where multiple people are working on a common goal, people are making decisions with or without the information that is in our heads. So it is our utmost responsibility to share what we know so that the right decision is made.

Knowledge can easily become tribal. This is one of the common reasons why duplication of work happens. This is also one of the reasons why companies waste a lot of time in meetings. Knowledge sharing need not happen in meetings. It should happen organically. Knowledge is also very powerful, people withhold information to create value for themselves in a group setting. They are gatekeepers to knowledge. This creates for a lousy culture and a fake power bubble that has no place in an organization.

Lets all be champions of knowledge, not gatekeepers of it.